Mastering Data Analysis in R

Data analysis is crucial for anyone who wants to do and share their research. But there’s no getting around it… becoming a proficient data analyst is challenging!

You have to learn two difficult things at the same time: data analysis (with all its concepts and rules) and an entirely new language (in this case, R).

But fret not! Even if you have no prior knowledge in either of these areas, this course is designed to…

Make an R Guru out of you!



Past students speak out…

“As someone who has tried to avoid coding their whole life, I am really glad I took this class with Prof Ian.”

– Anonymous Student (AY23/24)

Challenging but very applicable and useful in other modules/ future projects – good skill to acquire.”

– Anonymous Student (AY22/23)

“R is indeed very challenging, but Prof Ian has actually made me like R and statistics, and [it] turns out that the module I was most fearful of is now my favourite module!”

– Anonymous Student (AY22/23)