The Biodiversity Crisis

Species go extinct, it’s a natural part of life. But today, they are going extinct 10,000 times faster than they should be. We look at the main drivers behind this crisis.

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The Solutions

What can we do to stave off this crisis? We learn about what humankind has done, is doing and can do in future to save our world.

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Stand up, Speak Out

Now, more than ever, our voices must be heard. We practise thinking things through for ourselves and communicating with those around us, not to win arguments but to win hearts.

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Be the best tree you can be…

Our work

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Just do whatever you can, wherever you are. – Karl Png



The Community does not say “You & I” but calls to “Us & We”. – Pamela Ng


Build upon the wisdom of the past while ebracing the tools of the future. – Group 7




Future heart winners